Wisechoice Learning Modules


Wisechoice Learning Modules

Financial Aid Basics

The College Visit

College Sports

Recommendation Letters


Strategies to Minimize College Costs

College Marketing

Learning Differences

College Interviews

Greek Life


Eligibility for Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

Community College

College Loans

Writing the College Essay Part I

Writing the College Essay Part II

College Contact Strategies

College Application Requirements

Standardized College Admissions Tests

Classifying Schools

Choosing a College Major

College Myth Busting

Award Letters

Attending College

Applying Early

Personal Financial Information


How Long to Graduate

These 35 “Learning Modules” were created for WiseChoice.com to explain key aspects of the college application and attendance experience for students and their families. There are thousands of colleges and universities to choose from but most students limit their options to regional schools, familiar names or family and friends’ recommendations instead of using objective information. The college application process is time-consuming, complex and competitive and every student’s situation is unique.

Other websites use simple filtering tools to provide generic, non-personalized information. But WiseChoice offered personalized college matching, and a college plan customized for each student, leveraging extensive information on every accredited college and university in the nation, knowledge of billions of dollars in financial aid, and a patent pending matching engine to match student needs with best-fit colleges.