Internpreneurship Program

187457728_intrapreneurshipInternpreneurship is the merging of traditional internship program elements and business infrastructure development. The result is a process that provides program candidates (entrepreneurs) with the infrastructure, processes, guidelines, tools and communications materials they will need to start, sustain or grow their businesses.

For their part of the program, each candidate is required to contribute:

  • A minimum time commitment of 8 to 20 hours each week (depending on their business’ model and maturity)
  • A marketable skill that can be used by Lighthouse or offered to one or more of our clients
  • The 18-month commitment required to graduate from the program
  • 20% of the value of services provided in cash*

During the course of the program, candidate businesses will establish independent sales and revenue streams and candidates are also compensated on a per/hour or per/diem basis for time contributed to Lighthouse- or Lighthouse client-related projects.

In order to make program participation worthwhile to the candidate, Lighthouse will contribute:

  • Marketing, communications, consulting and business infrastructure development and support, a suite of services valued at $500,000 to $2,000,000 (depending on the participants’ business acumen, experience, business model and business maturity)
  • Sales assistance in the form of business infrastructure development and support
  • Access to Lighthouse contacts and business relationships
  • Assistance locating capital
  • Access to fellow program candidates and related resources
  • Marketing Plan development
  • Business Plan development
  • Operations Plan development
  • Compensation on billable projects
  • Scalable processes, guidelines, protocols, and standards
  • An assessment of the participant’s business concept’s feasibility
  • Continuing assessment of candidate’s progress in a variety of areas critical to business management and development

Business professionals that will gain the greatest benefit from the Program include:

  • Entrepreneurs: The Program allows entrepreneurs of all types to cost-effectively restructure their organization for growth at the same time that it allows them to acquire additional resources and the objectivity. This is especially beneficial if the entrepreneur is struggling with businesses growth challenges.
  • Entrepreneurs in the making: Individuals that possess the drive, dream, and vision to start a business, but lack the financial or organizational resources required to sustain growth over the long term. The Program provides start-ups with important motivational support, as fellow candidates share their successes, and allows budding entrepreneurs to avoid many of the mistakes that can prevent eventual success.
  • Successful businesses that want to expand, but are having difficulty finding access to the capital that they need to fund new marketing initiatives. The program provides access to some of the best marketing minds available. At the same time, exposure to solutions developed for Lighthouse clients and other program participants can spark new ideas and creativity within even the most successful organizations.
  • Business professionals. Smart professionals can learn how to improve their management of resources and acquire innovative business development techniques and strategies that will allow them to expand their network of contacts and build new relationships.
  • Corporations or other organizations that are in the midst of organizational restructuring and change. Including workforce displacement or restructuring. The Internpreneurship Program provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional retraining programs.
  • Suppliers of services and independent contractors who are looking for new customers.
  • Business students that want the type of real world experience that can never be replicated in a classroom.

To enrich the Program experience, Lighthouse will partner with a number of other organizations, including:

  • Accredited business schools that will offer a program certificate and discounts on course offerings candidates can use to supplement their Internpreneurship experience.
  • Office equipment and supplies providers (Examples: Microsoft, Apple, Gateway, IBM)
  • Technology providers, manufacturers, retailers and resellers
  • Publishers and booksellers
  • Meeting places
  • Internet services providers
  • Capital resources, including venture capital, bank, insurance and M&A firms
  • Printers, screen printers and merchandising/premium/specialty companies
  • Photographers
  • Couriers (Examples: FedEx, UPS, Express Mail)
  • Other consulting firms and marketing agencies

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