Strategic Staffing

Situation: You’ve created an executive-level position within your company, but you can’t find the right fit for your requirements.

Solution: Lighthouse can convert the targeted position cost into a contract fee that provides access to a variety of senior-level managers and professionals — for the cost of one.

One of our four Relationship Models, Strategic Staffing, provides a Lighthouse professional to work full-time in your offices identifying business objectives, reaching goals and implementing solutions. Specifically:
The Lighthouse associate fulfills the job function as detailed in the job description
Overall workload (number of contributed hours) is consistent with expectations for an individual in this position
The targeted position cost becomes a contract fee
At your request, the arrangement can expand to include additional associates on a full- or part-time basis
The advantages of our Strategic Staffing solution are significant because our associates each average more than ten years of marketing and management experience.

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