5-Stage Development Process

Over and over again, experience has reinforced the efficacy of our process, which is characterized by thoughtful analysis, detailed planning, inspired problem-solving and meticulous execution. We may vary the particulars to meet the needs of a specific engagement, but the essence of the process remains constant.

This is our tactical roadmap.

Stage 1: Discovery

Our process starts with gaining an understanding of your organization’s mission and pertinent business objectives. The purpose: to determine how the scope of work, as defined by your request, can be delivered within the specified parameters of budget, timing and available resources. And, to remove random opinion or vague goals from the decision-making and approval process.

We utilize Discovery to:

  • Determine the primary goals your organization seeks to achieve
  • Determine the goals and objectives for the specific initiatives under discussion
  • Establish target audiences
  • Determine and prioritize the top three messages to be conveyed as a result of our activities
  • Establish a protocol for testing before and after implementation

Stage 2: Specification and Planning

This is the phase of every project that inevitably generates the most interest and excitement. Once the scope is finalized, we create an action plan that uses the Lighthouse associates with the most pertinent experience in your marketspace or area of need. In the Specification and Planning stage we:

  • Develop a profile of business prospects, partners and customers
  • Refine the definition of deliverables identified during the Discovery phase
  • Develop positioning and creative strategies that will be the foundation of a dynamic and engaging brand presence
  • Facilitate the development of creative, technical, and/or functional specifications or guidelines

Stage 3: Development

This is where strategy, research and analysis are transformed into a tangible product. We prepare support documentation for plans, build presentations, generate layouts, construct templates for online projects and more.

Stage 4: Implementation/Delivery

Our approach to implementation is flexible, iterative and team based — yet precisely documented. We collaborate with your internal resources and any partners necessary.

Stage 5: Optimization and Ongoing Evaluation

Lighthouse provides continuing value through user-activity/behavior analysis and media analysis. We also contribute in an advisory capacity.

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