Where has ethics and accountability gone in our leaders actions?

Asked by Kenneth S.

Shall the blind blame the blind? If there are indeed some people out there that are viewed as leaders, it stands to reason that there is also a group of followers giving them reasons to exist.

Ethics and accountability are not qualities that are required of our leaders, though they certainly should be. Ethics and accountability are measuring posts for a much broader character trait: High standards.

Since there are infinitely more followers than there are leaders, perhaps the better question is: “Why are we so willing to set and accept such low standards from others — and from ourselves?”

After all, “accountability” implies that someone somewhere is out there taking notes, keeping score and, eventually, holding someone else’s feet to the fire. If that╒s true, then there should be no surprise when our “leaders” fail to exceed (or even meet) the low ethical standards that we are willing to accept from them.

We followers share in the blame equally.

When we look back on all of the truly horrific actions that are attributed historically to one (or a few) key “leader(s)”, we discover that they were empowered to commit those atrocities by the millions of faceless followers that gave purpose and legitimacy to their deeds.

Though the leaders that inspired your question may not have done anything so dastardly that history will remember them for it, acceptance of poor behavior by any of us is a slippery slope for all of us.

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