GreatMeals was founded as a solution for time-starved individuals who are too busy to prepare meals from scratch, but would still like the experience of a well-prepared, delicious meal. Eventually, the company changed its name to SuiteMeals as a result of changes in its marketing and sales strategy. The SuiteMeals concept focused on the delivery of prepared, frozen meals to vacationers using timeshares and extended-stay hotels.

The GreatMeals catalog served as the cornerstone of the company’s integrated communications strategy. The original and redesigned versions of the catalog provide insight into the change in branding, messaging, customer focus and corporate philosophy. The catalog, Web site and a toll-free call center worked together seamlessly to provide customers with 24-hour access to GreatMeals products.

Client: GreatMeals, Inc./SuiteMeals | Creative Director: Norman Rich | Art Direction: Norman Rich | Agency: Lighthouse Strategic Group