Entry #1: An Introduction

“The opportunity to try to make a profit is one of the foundations of our private-enterprise system, and the danger of suffering a loss is one of the risks assumed by every entrepreneur.”
—From, “Introduction to Modern Business: Analysis and Interpretation” by Vernon A Musselman and Eugene H. Hughes

April of 2007 will mark the sixth anniversary of my firm, Lighthouse Strategic Group. During this time, our business has seen its share of challenges and, though new challenges present themselves daily, we know that we couldn’t have overcome any of them without help and the commitment of some very special people.

When we started our company, we had an idea that was based on an observation: We’re surrounded by people, businesses and organizations facing critical challenges. All too often, management is focused solely on profitability and growth margins and the rest of the staff is focused on surviving the next round of layoffs. The idea that an organization succeeds because it provides quality services to its customers has become a difficult concept to sell to clients and prospects.

Our idea, our unique selling proposition, our key differentiator and value proposition to our customers is simple: We’ll do whatever is required to ensure our customers’ success. We’ll treat each customer honestly and fairly and we’ll be better than anyone else at anything that we do. The idea is simple. Its implementation is complex. We started this blog as a place where we can find answers to customer questions, share ideas and information with fellow entrepreneurs, and learn from anyone with an idea to share. We hope that you’ll see yourself as someone whose goal is to profit spiritually and emotionally from doing something that improves the quality of life for all of us.

To achieve our mission, we formed a hybrid. Lighthouse provides the skills and services of a Fortune 1000 management consulting firm and those of a successful marketing communications company. However, we’re willing to go where each of these entities isn’t: The management consulting firm often wants to advise, often developing pretty charts, diagrams and complex schematics, but it doesn’t want to implement. The marketing/communications company wants to tell the world how magnificent your company is, but is rarely capable of understanding how to fundamentally improve a clients’ business operations and profitability. At Lighthouse, our contracts are tied directly to our clients’ success.

We’ve learned that success shouldn’t be measured by someone else’s yardstick, and that potential shouldn’t be placed on a shelf and labeled, “open at some point in the future.” We believe that “success is just an idea away” and that the world needs more dreamers, idealists and risk takers. The world is a better place when people follow their dreams—even if their attempts are labeled “failures” by others that probably never took a chance on anything in their lives.

If the events of almost thirty years as a marketing and business professional have taught me no other lessons, they’ve confirmed a simple truth: life itself is uncertain. Find the something that you love to do and get started doing it. If you’ve already started, redouble your efforts so that you can get started on your next great something.

Whether you venture out on your own or as part of a group, the world is a lesser place without your ideas. And, because of this, you have an obligation to the rest of us to dream, do and share your ideas with others. If you get started down the path, I promise you that you’ll find many others that want to see you succeed. I know that I’m one of them and, I’m hoping that this blog will help.

I’m interested in your questions and comments and I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

Norman Rich
President, CEO
Lighthouse Strategic Group

I’m interested in questions, comments and feedback either via this blog or directly via my email inbox. You can link to the blog directly at: http://norman-rich.blogspot.com