DeWalt Industrial Tools

DEWALT Industrial Tools manufactures some of the finest power tools in the world — tools that construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, drywaller, framers and electricians use to build homes, buildings, bridges and factories.

The applications are tough, but the tools are tougher. The people that use them are also tough — a soft-hearted message would never do. We didn’t have to invent an image for DEWALT as much as we had to help them to celebrate the brand image they already had by introducing dozens of new products that demonstrated massive increases in power and precision.

DEWALT Industrial Tools, a division of Black and Decker and a leader in the professional power tool arena, didn’t want their initial Internet presence to stop at reflecting their brand positioning. would also serve as a mechanism for channel extensions, partnering opportunities and protection of market share in the highly competitive power tools category.

Working closely with DEWALT’s marketing, product development, promotions and sales staff, our team created a solution that included development and management of all online content. For the first time, DEWALT’s customers, partners and employees could access their entire product catalog online, including the ability to search by product category, SKU or text.

Links to DEWALT’s customer service centers and hundreds of distributors and retailers across the country enabled the site to attract more than 12,000 unique visitors on the day of site launch. This statistic is significant because the initial launch, which occurred over a weekend, was unannounced. Shortly afterwards, was selected as one of the top ten sites for the building industry by Builder magazine.

Client: DEWALT Industrial Tools | Creative Directors: Tom Hrabal, Norman Rich | Strategic Direction: Norman Rich, Pam Haberman, Julie Bradsher | Art Direction: Tom Hrabal, Dan Stoner, Arnold Richardson, Paul Sherman, Doug Hammond | Copywriter: Mike Gallagher | Agency: Arnold Worldwide