Paul Sherman

paul_shermanPaul began an interest in multimedia back in the early 1990s, when he taught himself everything he knows. In January 1995, he started his own business called Shermanvision Multimedia Graphics. His work has included the creation of more than a dozen Web sites, 3-D animation, and several unique programs and database applications.

To gain more experience with larger clients, Paul began working for several consulting design firms in the Washington area. He developed many interactive projects for high-profile clients such as The Discovery Channel, WonderMedia, and The Retired Officers Association. He designed graphics, buttons, Internet banner advertising and provided multi-scale HTML/JavaScript coding and editing on several different platforms.

In fact, one of Paul’s consulting assignments took him to Arnold Communication’s Interactive Department, where he met and began working with the Lighthouse Strategic Group team. Paul developed solutions for PLATINUM Technologies’ Digital Schoolhouse Web site, Mobil, SAP, CORT Furniture and the Washington Redskins. In his role with Lighthouse, Paul is responsible for the design and “build-out” of Web pages/interfaces associated with our clients’ Web-related products. He helps ensure that a project is implemented, tested, and deployed successfully. To view more of Paul’s work, visit

When he is not at work, Paul enjoys boating and scouting out the local music scene.

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